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New Florida Medical Cannabis Dispensary Offers Drive-Thru

By November 8, 2019 No Comments

A new medical cannabis dispensary in Fort Meyers, Florida offers a drive-through service. The new medical cannabis dispensary by AltMed Florida is the first dispensary of its kind in the Fort Meyers area to offer the drive-through option. Customers can choose to shop within the “MÜV” medical cannabis dispensary, which holds an interior modeled similarly like an Apple store, at Colonial Boulevard in Fort Meyers, west of State Road 82.

This location in Fort Meyers isn’t the first drive-through location for AltMed Florida, it is actually the second location with a drive-through built into the medical cannabis dispensary. The first drive-through location for the company in Florida is another “MÜV” facility located at 1090 W SR 434 Longwood, Florida. AltMed converted an old Taco Bell location into a medical cannabis dispensary and utilized the fast food chain’s drive through window to conduct business.

Mike Smullen, co-founder and chairman of Mike Smullen, stated: “We want people to come in and not feel in any way intimidated and we don’t want them to feel that they’re doing something that isn’t accepted by physicians and the general community. I think a store like this sends the message loud and clear that that’s what we’re about.”

The process at any medical dispensary by AltMed is simple. First, the medical cannabis locations only allow for a certain number of patient customers at a time. Patients who are allowed to enter the dispensary will show their medical cannabis card to the staff member present and begin to shop. Any employee within the store will then be able to assist with the purchase process and help any patient pick and choose from the company’s assortment of medical cannabis products.

The drive through process is a little different. Patients must place their order online or call ahead and then pick up their order at the drive-through window.

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