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Oakton Community College Holds First Cannabis Course in Illinois

By October 21, 2019 No Comments

A new cannabis course offered at the Oakton Community College in Des Plains, Illinois made it the first college to hold such a course in the state of Illinois. The cannabis course, which is called The Cannabis Dispensary and Patient Care Specialist Certificate, will debut this fall. Training and additional information on the industry will be provided to students who may be interested in a career within the medical cannabis industry. It is reported that the course already has 100 students enrolled with a wait-list of more than 400 students.

Ruth Williams, assistant vice president of academic affairs and dean of curriculum & instruction, stated: “We currently have 100 students enrolled. Over 400 students… are on our wait list for the program, so we’re looking to expand the program this spring.”

It is also reported that the course has attracted both students who want entry level positions, as they are are recent high school graduates, to adults with a desire to change careers.

The course of the Cannabis Dispensary and Patient Care Specialist Certificate includes a wide variety of separate specific topics within the medical cannabis industry. Business operations, cannabis laws, first aid training, and pharmacology are only some of the many topics covered within the course.

Recreational cannabis and its introduction into  cannabis market in Illinois next year will affect the courses offered at Oakton Community College.

Bob Sompolski, Dean of STEM & Health Careers, stated: “The law will allow recreational marijuana to be sold. We are having internal discussions to try and address that market.”

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