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SXSW 2020 Announces Dozens of Cannabis Panels

By October 26, 2019 No Comments

South by Southwest (SXSW) announced the festival’s 2020 lineup today. A new portion of the SXSW lineup, called the Cannabusiness convergence track, invites attendees to receive information on future and current cannabis culture, finance, technology, legality, and politics. It is reported that the festival narrowed down over 150 cannabis panel submissions to 24 cannabis-related panels.

“Cannabusiness Track includes content that will appeal to more experienced professionals in this rapidly evolving industry, as well as to newcomers who are just starting to enter this space,” said SXSW.

Examples of the Cannabusiness Track panels include Why the DoD Should Embrace Cannabis, Can Social Equity Help Heal the War on Drugs?, and Navigating an Emerging Cannabis Beverage Market.

The first panel, Duty Bound: Why the DoD Should Embrace Cannabis, aims to provide a discussion for active military members and veterans to use cannabis, hosted by active members in the military and military veterans. Duty Bound’s panel states: “During our panel we’ll dive into the specific individual, national, and even global benefits of allowing for active duty cannabis use in the US military.”

Can Social Equity Help Heal the War on Drugs’ panel will take a hard look at what the war on drugs, specifically cannabis prohibition, has done to disadvantaged communities. It will also take a look at restorative justice initiatives put in place to provide relief to said communities and the impact of those initiatives.

Navigating and Emerging Cannabis Beverage Market has a focus on the emergence of the cannabis-infused beverage industry as federal regulators in the industry are yet to impose regulations. The panel is described to “share insights and lessons learned as they navigate the rapidly changing landscape in hopes of bringing world-class cannabis beverages to market.”

There is also a panel that features speakers from popular cannabis companies such as Tilray, Spiritleaf, 48North, and Hill+Knowlton. The Cannabis in Canada: What We’ve Learned panel will hold talks and discussion on the impact of cannabis legalization throughout Canada, as well as the impact on local economies and innovation within the cannabis industry.

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