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Tennessee State Senator Reintroduces Medical Cannabis Bill

By January 9, 2020 No Comments

Tennessee state Senator Janice Bowling has reintroduced a bill to legalize the use and create a framework for medical cannabis in the state. The bill would also create the process of license issuance of cannabis cultivation licenses as well as licenses for production, distribution, transportation, sale and use of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. Senator Janice Bowling was against the legalization of medical cannabis, however, she has since reversed her stance on medical cannabis as she feels now that it can help against rampant opioid abuse. Senator Bowling has a special meeting scheduled for today, Thursday, January 9th, 2020, to discuss the legislation with leadership in law enforcement.

Janice Bowling, Tennessee Senator from Tullahoma, stated: “There are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans that could benefit from medical cannabis. This is desperately needed in Tennessee, it is desperately needed by the patient, and doctors need an alternative from opioids.”

Last year, Senator Bowling sponsored legislation that was introduced into the Tennessee General Assembly that went on to become the basis of a new law in the state of Alabama. The new law that was adopted into Alabama created the Alabama Medical Cannabis Study Commission (AMCSC). It was proposed by the AMCSC that the state should create a new state agency to govern the regulation of medical cannabis in Alabama.

It is reported in an MTSU poll in 2018 that 81% of residents in Tennessee supported medical cannabis. However, Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Director David Rausch doesn’t support the idea of medical cannabis and a new branch of regulation from medical cannabis legalization.

David Rausch, Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Director, stated: “There is no need in Tennessee to create a new form of medicine overseen and regulated by agriculture. I think all of us in Tennessee want farmers farming, we want doctors practicing medicine and we want lawmakers making people safe and this would negatively impact that.”

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