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Utah Governor Calls Special Legislative Session for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Expansion

By September 7, 2019 No Comments

Utah Governor Gary Herbert called for a special legislative session in order to bring an end to the medical cannabis system that is currently proposed. The reason for Gov. Herbert’s special legislative session on the medical cannabis program is to expand the total number of medical cannabis dispensaries. Gov. Herbert wants to expand from seven private dispensaries to a maximum of 12. An additional purpose of the legislative measure is to bring the assurance that public employees would not face a risk of prosecution under federal laws that pertain to cannabis. The special legislative session called by Gov. Herbert will be held on September 16th of this year.

Additional amendments are on the docket for the special legislative session on September 16th. Changes to the law include an amendment that removes the requirement of a central state-run full pharmacy, amendments to Utah’s Election Code, amendments to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and more.

Gov. Gary Herbert stated: “My administration is dedicated to ensuring that quality, medical grade cannabis products are accessible to patients by March of 2020. Removing the requirement for a state central fill pharmacy will provide efficient and timely distribution of this substance for those who need it.”

Advocates for medical cannabis programs in the state of Utah praise the latest call for additional facilities and the move away from a central state-run fill pharmacy. However, advocates still worry that a maximum of 12 facilities won’t be enough to fully serve the entire state and it’s number of medical cannabis patients.

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